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Earthstar system helps suppliers and manufacturers to rapidly leverage a demand channel for their products.

Earthstar has established a reputation with 1000 retailers - and currently have about 700 active clients across New Zealand - by understanding the specific customer service needs and characteristics, which has given us a preferential relationship with these retailers.

Tony KnightCEO of Earthstar

We tailor our service package to suit your product and geographical market

Earthstar is an established New Zealand business, founded by Tony Knight in 2006, which brings health products, wholefoods and organic grocery items into the niche and mainstream food retailers, New Zealand wide.

With extensive knowledge, experience and an established retailer network, the Earthstar system helps suppliers & manufacturers to rapidly leverage a demand channel for their products.

Our Success

Earthstar connects the best suppliers to the successful retailers and ensures that the supply-retailer model is deployed with a win-win for all parties. We specialise In spotting trends and migrating niche products into the mainstream and maintaining that momentum until we reach success through economies of scale.

Westpac Auckland Business Awards
  • Findlay, Absolute Organic , Eco Organic
  • Bio Inside and Back to basic
  • Herbal Pacific and Vital X , Libido X
  • Spice n Easy and Radico
  • Huckleberry Farms
  • Commonsense Organics
  • Naturally Organic
  • Fruitworld Fruit and Vege
  • Fresho fruit and Vege
  • Findlay Foods Limited
  • Back to Basic
  • Herbal Pacific
  • Spice n Easy

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

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Making Sales Happen

Leveraging off our existing database and strong relationships from 22 years of sales.

Product & Industry Knowledge

Educating retailers on satisfying the demand for sustainable products which will bring more clients.

Deep Personal Experience

By living the lifestyle we preach, and using the products ourselves, real integrity and authenticity is demonstrated.

Grow Your Business

Increases your time to focus on running your business and your own strengths.

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