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Earthstar History and Bio


Tony Knight has been working directly in the wholefoods and health industry for over 24 years. He has extensive experience having grown his own distribution businesses since 1994, and he has directly experienced the retail, import and wholesale industries. Over the past 4 years he has grown his sales business, Earthstar, purely by growing the businesses of his supplier clientele, therefore demonstrating a fundamental key to how businesses grow – via co-operation and creating a win-win-win scenario. Through his passion for bringing quality-proven natural health products and Wholefoods from the ‘shadows’ and into the mainstream,  his trustworthy, honest and open friendly style resonates with retailers, which means everyone wins.  Tony elaborates on his belief by saying:

“A large part of what motivates me is the belief that everyone has the potential to have greater health, energy and overall abundance, by providing greater access to organics and wholefoods. The health of a community is dependant of the health of its people, in mind, body and  spirit, and from this springs true wealth as we create a biofeedback loop of energy. I call this my “IP” (Intentional Purpose). It has created for me a unique and self sustaining lifestyle of inspiration which I am excited to be able to share with everyone in my circle of clients and suppliers.”

Pre-2007, Tony became a leading supplier of products to therapists and retailers New Zealand-wide with his own distribution businesses known affectionately as the “Lotus” stable of products.  During that time, Tony also set up a boutique travel company and led many journeys to India. It was his travels to India which increased his conscious awareness of a healthy body, mind and spirit, and where Tony found the magical properties of Himalayan Salt and the importance of minerals and hydration – he was the pioneer, bringing this product to the New Zealand retail market for the first time.

This was the start of Earthstar as it is today – Tony grew his connections with over 600 retailers over a short duration. Since then his business has grown significantly by further expanding his relationships and he is proud to say he has taken the Spice ‘n Easy brand into over 90% of the target retailers.

Photo: Andre Kong

Tony aspires to continue meeting like-minded suppliers, retailers and consumers, who he prefers to call “eco-sumers”. He continues growing and learning as a creative entrepreneur, while spreading the message of “wholefoods as medicine” and living a holistic lifestyle which is baked into his business ethos.

“The vision we hold will create a positive difference by building a truly sustainable business eco-system and strong community that creates a lasting foundation and legacy for the intrinsic wellbeing and wealth of our people, while fostering grass roots local business growth.”