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As the sales face for a variety of suppliers, I feel it is important that we communicate in a variety of ways, so that you get to be properly informed as to what we are offering and why and who we are for you…which is to help you get the best products, at the best price, that most suit your store and ensure you get the best service from myself, Virginia and Jenni.

Here are some exciting new products coming into our collection!

TRU2U – NZ Sweet & Tart Cherry

In this edition, I am pleased to report I am now offering the Tru2u tart and sweet cherry juice and capsules for sleep, joints and muscle support. I know some of you already have this high quality product and I can see that in some places it sells really well.

This product range comes branded for children, sports people and for joint support or just the standard sleep support range. Because it is good for different areas, we find the only way it will sell, is with the appropriate branding to suit the condition it is treating.

The range comes in concentrate, sachet serves and capsules. We can supply you with tasting kits, video learning support and myself or Virginia can also do one on one or staff trainings on the spot or at an agreed time. We will be seeing you soon in person about this.

YUMM Flavoured & Pure Flax Oils – for gourmets & health

tru2u flax oils

Tru2U also supply these oils, which comes in a range of pure, lemon, garlic, black pepper, chilli and rosemary. The flavoured types are delicious and ideal for any food store wishing to offer a top shelf range. Great packaging and pricing. Please ask us for a price list in store or email Tony for a copy.

Buddha Teas

buddha teas

For all those specialty and health stores, you may be interested in a lovely organic range of Buddha Teas. They come beautifully packaged and feature such exotic flavours as wild blueberry black tea, Yerba mate, ashwagandha, turmeric ginger, calm Buddha, divine immunity, matcha green tea and many more individual and premium blends. Also they have a unique range of Chakra teas, encompassing the 7 chakras of the body, from the crown down to the root chakra.

Please feel free free to contact us for more information and price list.

NutriSoy Tofu & Tempeh Products

Nutrisoy produces a wide range of organic, plain, flavoured and pre-cooked tofu and tempeh products.

They are really passionate about making healthy, nutritious and great tasting food for the ever-growing health conscious people of Australasia. We also strive to cater to the needs of vegans and vegetarians as all of our products are 100% meat-free.

Nutrisoy tofu and tempeh products which have been made using only the finest Non-GMO and Certified Organic (ACO) Australian Soybeans.​

Nutrisoy’s mission is to offer health conscious consumers high quality, tasty and nutritious soy foods. They are committed to developing and producing a first-class range of organic, plain, flavoured and pre-cooked tofu and tempeh products. Nutrisoy is certified by HACCP, SQF and ACO, and is audited annually. They have become one of the largest manufacturers of tofu and tempeh in Australia.

Contact us for more information on these and other products.

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