Earthstar update and new herbal products

Greetings all,

Tony here bringing you another update on our latest products and happenings.

We have a new range of herbal powders, branded as Misty Day Plant Potions. There is a range of blended extracts with such names as Zen, Pretty, Detox, Bliss, Power, Shroom, Lovers, Beauty and moon. There is also a nice range of mushroom powders.

These can be used in smoothies, water, juices, on your cereal, salads or in your baking. Makes a great easy way to boost the nutrition of your food & drink.

These products would be suitable for a health, organic or wholefood store. They are leading edge products world wide, as the supplier saw the trend at a recent USA health expo.

Here’s a quick recap of our other suppliers range:

A very large range of dried herbs, ground and whole spices, organic superfoods, Kwik curry Indian spices, beans and lentils, rubs and a large range of nuts and tasty snack foods.
PLUS: Radico herbal hair colours and treatment.

We have our new range of organic tofu and tempeh in stock, including tempeh burgers, and flavoured tofus in Japanese, Malayasian and Thai etc.
Also our frozen organic veggies, chips, has browns and pizza continue to sell well.
PLUS, the aromatherapy diffusers still sell well.

A nice range of Himalayan salt and peppers in 1kg, grinders and pouches.
Also the Eco Organic range of gluten free pastas made from various beans are a hit, along with the Absolute Organic range of sweet corn, beetroot, peas and beans in jars.

Sleep support products using tart and sweet cherry,.
Also sport and joint support products and a great range of flax oils in pure and various flavours that are so tasty on your salads and food.

A men and women’s range for hormonal health, energy and libido.

If any of these products are of interest, or you would like to add to your current range, please let us know and Virginia or myself will pay a visit at a convenient time to you.

If you know of any supplier that maybe looking for a sales distribution service, or if you know of other stores that maybe looking for the products as above, then please do email me direct.

Looking forward to seeing you all as we make our way around to your stores and I am also looking forward to seeing all our lower north island customers before Xmas.

Kind regards
Tony, Virginia and Jenni.
021 666357

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