Create your reality by being an EcoPrenewer

When it comes to being an EcoPrenewer, one of the prime skills is to be able to manifest and create your reality…this could be anything, from a dream holiday, to a home, business or your entire Life! To create a designer Life is not only possible, it is certain, when you have the correct beliefs that are in alignment with nature and the universal laws, or unbreakable truths that govern our existence.

The prime tenants or values that I ascribe to being an EcoPrenewer manifestor, and to create your reality of your dreams, is as follows.

Number 1, we must download the truth that we are infinite energy beings, creating a material polarity existence. Life does not spring from a physical thing, all physical “things” are created from an energy blueprint and this includes us and all life on this living planet. So we are all master energy creators, our Self is waiting for us to see & know this truth. This is number One because it sets the precedent for all else that follows.

Number 2, this leads us to the truth that the Earth, nature and everywhere in the universe is alive with energy and an infinite intelligence, or consciousness that creates, sustains and permeates everything. We believe that by consciously connecting with this consciousness, inside us and via nature & the 5 main elements, (Earth, air, fire, water, ether) both in the physical form and via symbology is a way to fast track our awareness, and therfore our ultimate joyful life. We call this #naturalintel.

Number 3, Is to know that if you have appeared on Earth, at this time in space, then you must be here for a reason, so to know your purpose is also a primary intention. This is also effectively your WHY. If you know your why, then the how and what follows on from that. Consciousness is always seeking expression and it too has its purpose to advance Life. This is also coupled with having vision, or A vision. To know where you are going, we also have to know why we got here in the first place.

Number 4, is to cultivate and understand faith…this could be seen as having the belief in something higher than yourself, call it what you like, for us EcoPrenwers we like to call it ‘Nature’. Faith is a belief in the unseen, and as it grows it will propel you through the tough times, it will guide you on your journey like an unseen hand, it will protect you from harm and hurt. Faith is from your heart, and speaks of love, whereas intention is of the mind (IQ). You need faith for your EQ (emotional Intelligence) which provides power & resilience.

Number 5, for all EcoPrenewers, we believe that another foundation, from the context of our physical reality, is to develop and cultivate health in all aspects, mental, emotional, physical & spiritual. This also follows that we are here on Earth to create wealth and prosperity, however this is not possible without health. We call true health, Wellth or being WELLthy. Investing in yourself in this way, is a part of being human and contributes to our holistic freedom.

Number 6, ultimately our purpose as an Ecoprenewer is to recognise all the above values and truths and we believe this leads to freedom on all levels. Freedom is an inalienable right, our purpose as an EcoPrenewer and an effect from our freedom cause. Therefore true freedom on all levels is multi dimensional, and the WHOLENESS of  FREEDOM is greater than the sum of its necessary parts. To be missing a part, such as your physical wealth or health, is to not be totally free, and we must have the prime pillars in place.

Number 7, I have added a seventh ‘pillar’ of truth to create your reality, which is to focus your attention on the process, life is a journey not a destination. There is no way to live life, Life itself is the way. This speaks of the need for attention to details as well as the big picture. Nature teaches us that the tiniest missed detail, can in fact derail a worthy cause. The law is very exact. Also the keys are in your focused attention in each moment. With correct Intention (seed) then follows attention (nurture) then comes easy right action which creates ‘no tension’, because you are in the flow, and then comes your manifested creation, effortlessly!

To be in the flow, is to be like water….to be grounded is to be like Earth…to be creative is to be like air….to be passionate is to be like fire and to be pure energy is to be like ether….the prime elements of nature are not just symbolic references to our life, they ARE a part of you and your life, therefore either by physical contact or symbology, we can use Nature as the prime interface between our current physical reality and reaching our full potential as a conscious energy being. Enjoy learning how to create your reality and enjoy the journey!

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