Living with wholeness: Wholefoods, organics, bio dynamics and permaculture

[nectar_dropcap color=””]E [/nectar_dropcap]arthstar’s mission is to promote, sell and educate people on the benefits of Wholefoods and making it part of your everyday life, but this is a just one important part of a greater lifestyle of wholeness. To truly live with wholeness is to live a holistic life, but what does that mean? Holistic means that everything is connected, life is not created in a vacuum, and the ‘whole’ is made up of many parts. The planet Earth is a whole, however there are countless parts that make up the Earth, and we believe each part is a living entity, which means the Earth as a whole is also one living organism in an even greater whole, consisting of human beings and the whole universe.

Wholefoods and organics

Eating whole foods is akin to eating ‘live or living’ food, another words the food has not been processed or any way, or at least in a minimal way that does not destroy the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the food that we need. Organics goes one step further and is food which has not been sprayed by chemical (synthetic) sprays. The word Organic is associated with the words ‘organ’, ‘organisation’ and ‘organism’ all related to biology and the arrangement of a certain natural order.

Bio dynamics

Bio dynamics is another level again which means food grown in season is eaten in that season, the food is eaten from local production, (therefore saving on transportation and the associated process of preservation) and the food is fed with locally produced compost and natural sprays (like seaweed & neem) thus the plants receive all the nutrients they need from nature itself. No fertilisers are required, except for a small amount here and there. Fertiliser is like a steroid or synthetic drug for the human body, the more you use, the more you need, and it destroys all the living organisms in the soil, therefore the soil itself become ‘dead’ & top soil is lost.


Permaculture is another term that speaks of living in harmony with nature and as the word implies, speaks of developing a certain ‘culture’ or way of life, so it goes beyond just organic healthy eating, but involves a certain mindset, system of planting & harvesting and other related aspects of our wider life that create sustainability on all levels, which is ‘permanent’ in nature.


Photo: Nicola Jovanavic

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