Our Service

A Packaged Service

Earthstar creates a packaged service for your business to deliver on your sales distribution goals.  We invest the time in upfront conversations, to understand your business, products and your overall needs. We work to build you new business sales and to maintain your existing clients – you can choose to do both or either as required.

Providing the retailer, a face for your business

Grow and develop your business further with speed and efficiency.

Keeping you informed on Sales

We go beyond just “Sales.” We go the extra mile and provide a passionate, enthusiastic and professional attitude where we transform our lifestyle to experience your products as a healthy, valuable “food medicine.”

How we deliver our service

We have an efficient and effective delivery model for our services, which has created a unique proposition for suppliers and retailers. Suppliers enjoy working with EarthStar, as we remove the challenge of sales management and growth. Retailers enjoy our relationship, and are highly motivated to buy from us in knowing that we grow together – they also love that we are flexible in our range and can bring them a steady stream of new and exciting product opportunities.

Making sales happen

Product and Industry knowledge

Deep personal experience

Working with you, as a professional and highly competent team, enables us to build more sales which enables you to be a greater business.